Assorted Pole Float Pack

Assorted Pole Float Pack


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  • Model: assorted-pole floats

We have hundreds of pole floats in stock from various suppliers. This "pot luck" selection of pole floats is a bargain, the more you buy the more money you save on the RRP of the floats.

We have the following which you may or may not get...

  • Maver Elite Series 1 & 4 Pole Floats
  • Sensas Pole Floats
  • Rizov Pole Floats
  • Maver Black Ice Pole Floats
  • Wire Wonders Pole Floats
  • Kombat Pole Floats
  • Trabucco Pole Floats
  • Big H Pole Flots
  • SZ Pole Floats
  • Frenzee Pole Floats
  • Prestons Innovations PT Series Pole Floats
  • Mosella Pole Floats

We have pole floats in as many colours, shapes and sizes as you can imagine.

The average RRP on these pole floats is around £1.80 each, so to give you a bargain, the more you order the cheaper they will be become. Just choose how many you want and we'll select a range of pole floats for you.

You'll get 5 floats per pack - the more packs you buy the better discount percentage you'll get.



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