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Better than average tackle for better than average fish!

In recent years, match and specimen angling have been getting closr in techniques and methods. The browning Hybrid range of tackle has been specially designed to bridge the gap between match and specimen angling. For many anglers and situations "match" style tackle is too weak; but conventional "specimen" tackle is too powerful and spoils the enjoyment of playing mid-sized fish. Hybrid tackle fills this gap with strong, durable tackle that will stand the pressuresof big fish and big catches. The Hybrid tackle range is designed to meet the needs of fishing on modern commercial fisheries.

Hybrid Power Mono

A superb high-quality co-polymer line specially formulated for demanding big-fish situations. The line offers brilliant abrasion resistance, knotstrength and breaking strains but is remarkablysupple to allow perfect bait presentation. Superstrong, supertough and supersupple.
  • Length:100m
  • Diameter: 0.14mm
  • BS Kg: 2.55kg
  • BS Lb/Oz: 5.60 lb
  • RRP: £3.95
  • Color: Clear grey
  • Model: 2210-014
  • Manufactured by: Browning