Browning "the Drop" Feeder M 40g

Browning "the Drop" Feeder M 40g

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Product Details

  • Model: 6666-040
  • Manufactured by: Browning

A sensational new feeder - a completely revolutionary design with the casting performance benefit numerous benefits:

  • Casts brilliantly and with accuracy
  • Has flight properties almost like an end-weight speed feeder.
  • With its teardrop shape, frontal line attachment and curved weight, the feeder glides through the water like a sledge. This design causes the feeder to rise to the surface much quicker than a conventional plastic feeder. This gives a fast retrieve and is a huge advantage on waters with rocky or snaggy bottom.
  • The feeder retrieves very smoothly without jerking, an advantage for smaller fish like roach or soft mouthed skimmers.
  • The feeder is also ideal for use on flowing waters where the bottom positioned weight provides a large contact area and sits flat on the bottom.
  • The teardrop shape means the feeder is quick and easy to fill - no lead to obstruct.

New for 2011!

  • Weight: 40g
  • Diameter: 2.2cm
  • Length: 3.5cm