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easy2hook Carp Hook Size 10

  • A truly amazing breakthrough in hook design!
  • Premium high quality carbon construction
  • Available in Barbed or Barbless
  • 10 per pack

Global Tackle Ltd are proud to present the new Easy2Hook. Instead of using the traditional spade or eyed end, this new concept features a small docking point on the shank of the hook and a curved aperture replacing the eye/spade. A loop is formed in the line which is then placed over the docking point and whipped around the shank before placing through the curved opening. Trim off the tag end and you’re good to go!! This hook can be used in conjunction with many popular rigs such as hair, D-ring, pellet band, chod, pennel and many, many more.

Four simple steps:

  1. Form a loop in your line
  2. Place loop behind ball nodule
  3. Whip your line around the shank (min 4 times)
  4. Thread through open curvature and cut tag end
  • Model: esy2hook-carp-10
  • Manufactured by: easy2hook