Enterprise Tackle Imitation Carp/Coarse Pellet

Enterprise Tackle Imitation Carp/Coarse Pellet

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£2.60  £2.34
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Product Details

  • Model: ET59
  • Manufactured by: Enterprise Tackle

Our imitation carp/coarse pellets are super soft yet tough and resilient, the angler is always guaranteed a hook bait, especially when using barbless hooks.

  • Ideal for use when using real carp-coarse pellets as loose feed. Due to their neutral buoyancy a natural presentation is ensured, especially when used on a hair rig. Super soft imitation carp-coarse pellet for use on the hook or hair rig. Neutrally Buoyant to give the bait a natural presentation.
  • Resists the attention of nuisance species including crayfish.

Pack contains a mixture of 6mm and 10mm pellets