Enterprise Tackle Popup Sweetcorn - Mixed Flouro

Enterprise Tackle Popup Sweetcorn - Mixed Flouro

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Product Details

  • Model: ET13MFC
  • Manufactured by: Enterprise Tackle

Buoyant life-like rubber corn, soft enough to use on the hook, or hair rig if desired. Use in conjunction with real corn, to produce a neutrally buoyant or popped up bait. As a general guide use:- 1 grain + 1 real grain of corn on a size 10 specimen type hook, to achieve a“popped up” bait. 1 grain + 2 real grains of corn on a size 8 to produce a bait of neutral buoyancy. Note: Individual grains may vary in buoyancy. When used directly on the hook, nick lightly and position the grain on the back of the hook, leaving the point fully exposed. When used on a hair rig, use a baiting needle and sandwich 1 or 2 grains between grains of real corn.

  • Colours:
    • Flouro Pink
    • Flouro Yellow
    • Flouro Red
    • Flouro Green
    • Flouro Orange

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