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Frenzee 1420 Pattern Barbless Hooks

Frenzee 1420 Pattern Barbless Hooks


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  • Model: H-1420
  • Manufactured by: Frenzee

1420 – a wide gape super sharp hook that will do everything. As its name suggests the hook works perfectly with lines of 0.14mm-0.20mm. A medium gage wire will cope with all but the most demanding situations. A true all round pattern in both spade and eyed.

Ideal for: Pole / Waggler / Corn / Maggot / Feeder / Bomb / Boilies / Pellet / Meat

  • Perfectly suited to lines of 0.14-0.20mm or 3-8lb
  • For all species including Large Carp.
  • Suits all kinds of Feeder, Waggler and Pole fishing
  • For baits like maggots, worms, meat, corn, pellets, bread, boilies and Paste.
  • Strong and reliable 
  • Large Spade for extra purchase (1420S) 
  • Large Eye for secure knot strength (1420E) 
  • For all kind of Hair Rigging 
  • Chemically Sharpened Swept Needle Point 
  • Japanese 110 carbon Wire 
  • Available sizes 18 – 12 / Spade and Eyed
  • Black Chrome Finish