Gardner Betalight Large White *tritium-max*

Gardner Betalight Large White *tritium-max*


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  • Model: Gar-BLTMLW
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

Large maximum power isotopes, perfect for use on rod tips and bobbins. Tritium-MAX betalights are the ultimate continuous light source. Gaseous Tritium technology provides the maximum possible brightness making these the most powerful isotopes available. Tritium-MAX are also the first betalights (for fishing use) to be made in True Purple colour. * For use as a rod tip indicator or on some bobbins * No maintenance or batteries required * User and environmentally friendly * Size: 22.5mm x 3mm (Round cross section) * Colours: Green, Red, Ice Blue, Purple, White & Orange * Also available - Small (12mm x 2mm), Bug (10mm x 2.5mm) and ATTs (6mm x 2mm)