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Gardner Black Shadow Compact 3 Rod Pod

Gardner Black Shadow Compact 3 Rod Pod


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Key features

Each 3-rod Compact Pod set includes:

  • A pair of 3 rod dedicated Buzzer Bars featuring twist lock collar for aligning buzzers and butt rests.
  • These 3 rod Buzzer Bars sizes are 12 inch (rear) and 15 inch (Front).
  • 2 pairs of banksticks 7 inch and 12 inch.

Product Details

  • Model: Gar-BPOD3
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

The design suits a wide range of rods thanks to the extending centre spine that can be adjusted to range from 24 to 32 inches between the front and back buzzer bars.

These pods are supplied complete with everything that’s needed for your buzzers and back rests to be screwed straight on – and fold down ultra-compact when not in use.

The simple and reliable goal-post style utilises extendable Black Shadow Banksticks, which makes setting the pod level and secure extremely quick and easy whatever the terrain. The pod also has the option of being secured to the ground by pushing a bivvy peg through allocated hole in the pods central boss, offering the angler a secure and solid setup in the windiest conditions or whilst fishing snaggy swims.

The use of quality materials, like lightweight high-grade aluminium, in the construction of all the components used in the manufacture of these Compact Pods offers the angler greater mobility by reducing weight compared to other heavier bankware available on the market.

Black Shadow Compact Rod Pods are manufactured with a hardwearing black anodised finish to offer weather protection, reduce wear and tear in normal use and it looks great too.

All of the products in the Black Shadow range feature common fittings and ‘standard’ 3/8 BSF threads, so that they will work in conjunction with the rest of the range and other standard bankware.

The Compact Rod Pods are available in both 2 rod and 3 rod versions: