Gardner Covert Talon Tip Hooks Barbed Size 6

Gardner Covert Talon Tip Hooks Barbed Size 6


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  • Model: Gar-CTTCH6
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

Covert plated - now even tougher Talons than ever! A particularly useful pattern when fishing over gravel as the pattern is less prone to the point being damaged by touching stones than straight point hooks. Incredibly strong in all sizes, the chemically etched beaked point and inturned eye design of the Talon Tip, along with a forged off-set bend and micro barb has made this hook the benchmark against which other similar hook patterns should be judged. Whether being used for huge carp or hard fighting river fish like barbel, this pattern offers unmatched reliability, excellent hooking potential and firm hook holds. Feedback has also indicated that this hook is fantastic for waters where barbed hooks are banned as the beak point grips and holds extremely well. Available in Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in Barbed or Barbless. 10 hooks per pack. inchTalon Tips are ideally suited to the stresses and strains of big Barbel fishing but I use these ultra reliable hooks in all kinds of angling situations for big fish where strength is paramount. inch (Neil Wayte) Covert stealth hook technology - By applying a technically advanced, anti-glare plating system, we've taken camouflage to a completely new level. The problems associated with pale Teflon coatings - the tendency to rust around the eye, prominence on dark lake beds and added bulk to the hook dimensions - are now eradicated once and for all. Covert stealth plated hooks offer improved camouflage, sharper points and better performance than ever before.