Gardner Drop-out Back Leads 0.5oz (14g) Chod

Gardner Drop-out Back Leads 0.5oz (14g) Chod


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Product Details

  • Model: Gar-DOBL12C
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

At last, an adjustable back lead. Turn On... Tune In... Drop Out! Drop Out Back Leads offer the ability to easily adjust the tension needed to discharge the back lead from the clip in the event of a snag on an underwater obstacle. The unique clip features a ribbed Sensitivity Peg that pushes into a dedicated rubber sleeve in the lead. In the same way that a tail rubber allows you to adjust the lead release on a lead clip, the further you push the peg into the rubber sleeve, the greater the pressure needed to release the weight from the back lead. Likewise, if you need the back lead weight to separate easily, because of heavy weed or snags close in, then reduce the grip by not pushing the Sensitivity Peg in as far... A brilliantly simple solution ? it?s a wonder why nobody has ever thought of it before! 4 back leads per pack. Sizes available 0.5oz (14g), 1oz (28g), 1.5oz (42g) and 2oz (57g). 3 colours available ? Brown, Chod & Gravel ? as per our lead range.