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Flat in-line leads just took a BIG step forward. A huge surface area 'on the deck' and tapered shape giving greatest possible weight where it's most needed means theses leads now cast better, hook better and present better than any other flat inline lead available.

  • Choice of 4 finishes: Green, Brown, Chod and Gravel.
  • Available from 1oz (28g) to 8oz (227g).
  • Green - A tough, hard wearing plastic coating. Dark weed green with black fleck camo effect.
  • Brown - A tough, hard wearing plastic coating. Dark mud brown with black fleck camo effect.
  • Chod - A dark fibrous finish, made from 100% organic matter to look completely natural in virtually any lake bed. Impressively realistic, you can almost smell it...
  • Gravel - A fine rocky finish that blends in awesomely on cleaned-off hard spots, pale clay spots and sand bars, but is still dark enough to disappear into the lake bed elsewhere, where a standard pale gravel lead would stand out like a sore thumb.
  • Model: Gar-ZFPIL3C
  • Manufactured by: Gardner