Gardner Grappler 1.5oz (42g) Green

Gardner Grappler 1.5oz (42g) Green

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Product Details

  • Model: Gar-ZGR112G
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

For when you need an absolutely rock solid lead arrangement ? designed for fishing at extreme ranges, specialist anglers fishing on the rivers or lakes with a strong undertow.

  • Choice of 4 finishes: Green, Brown, Chod and Gravel.
  • Available from 1oz (28g) to 8oz (227g).
  • Green - A tough, hard wearing plastic coating. Dark weed green with black fleck camo effect.
  • Brown - A tough, hard wearing plastic coating. Dark mud brown with black fleck camo effect.
  • Chod - A dark fibrous finish, made from 100% organic matter to look completely natural in virtually any lake bed. Impressively realistic, you can almost smell it...
  • Gravel - A fine rocky finish that blends in awesomely on cleaned-off hard spots, pale clay spots and sand bars, but is still dark enough to disappear into the lake bed elsewhere, where a standard pale gravel lead would stand out like a sore thumb.