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Gardner Hydro-sink Braid - 15lb - 600m

Gardner Hydro-sink Braid - 15lb - 600m


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Product Details

  • Model: gar-XHS15BK
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

A true sinking main line braid with a round profile, excellent abrasion resistance and castability.

Excellent for use at very long ranges where undertows can cause problems for neutral bouyancy braids being swept along by prevailing sub surface water movement, Hydro-Sink Braid has become a firm favourite for use on the vast continental inland seas and reservoirs. 

  • Kevlar Braided over-wrap adds density
  • Lies flush to the lake bed, genuinely hugging the bottom, for the most subtle line lay.
  • Smooth casting, more sensitive - reduced stretch of approx 4% (most braids are 5-6%)
  • 100% Dyneema core gives the best possible linear strength with the lowest diamter.
  • Teflon coating for increased toughness, abrasion resistance and long lasting performance.

Available on either 200m or 600m spools in 15lb or 22lb (Wet Knot Strength).

  • Colour: Low-Viz Dark Green - UV Resistant and colour fast
  • Strength: 6.75k (15lb)
  • Diameter: 0.30mm
  • Quantity: 600m