Gardner Leadcore Leaders 61cm (2ft) Brown

Gardner Leadcore Leaders 61cm (2ft) Brown


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Product Details

  • Model: Gar-LCL262
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

Ready spliced links made from 25lb (11.3kg) Plummet Leadcore. * The splices are seamless and are spot-glued for added security. * Available in 3 colours, they have proven an asset to anglers that want the convenience of having pre-spliced leaders ready made as well as the security offered by a professionally tied loop. * A Palomar knot is recommended when attaching to the mainline. * Available in 3 lengths. * Colours: Mud Brown, Olive Green or Sand. * Plummet Leadcore is the No.1 choice for anglers that need the advantages of a fast sinking leader, but want a subtle and refined leadcore that offers unrivalled density and strength for its diameter. * With a good, tight weave to minimise the protrusion of its core, Plummet is still very easy to splice and is perfect for camouflaging line near your terminal tackle.