Gardner Mugga Hooks Barbless Size 12

Gardner Mugga Hooks Barbless Size 12

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  • Model: Gar-MHB12
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

Practically a legend for the last decade...the Mugga offers unrivalled hooking potential when used with a variety of hooklink materials. This pattern has a proven track record for nailing wary feeding fish and then staying in them all the way to the angler's waiting net. The combination of an inturned eye, non-reversed bend, sweeping shank, strong forged wire and super sharp point has established the Mugga as a devastatingly reliable hook. The Size 12 has now become a firm favourite for use in Zig Rig fishing as an effective means of reducing the number of hook pulls commonly associated with this method. Used and recommended by top anglers everywhere. Available in Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in Barbed or Barbless. inchEver since catching a brace of 40's (and a brace of mid-30's the next day) from an extremely weedy bay last year, I have used Mugga hooks with complete confidence and haven't looked back since. The hook holds are unbeatable and I now use Muggas for most of my fishing. inch (Jerry Hammond) inchAbove all, you need a hook that's going to stay sharp. I've been using the Mugga on my recent adventures on the River Ebro and have never had any problems with this magnificent hook. Reliable? I wouldn't feel confident with anything else after the successes I've had, bless 'em. inch (Ronnie Buss) Covert Mugga Hooks are also available.