Gardner Slinky 40lb (18kg) Clear

Gardner Slinky 40lb (18kg) Clear


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  • Model: Gar-SLI40
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

With a smooth and supple feel, this easy handling hi-tech co-polymer hugely versatile and so easy to use - an essential addition to any sea angler's armoury. * Slinky excels as a shockleader as it knots strongly and neatly and, with its suppleness, flows freely through the rod rings with minimal line slap giving smoother, longer casts - ideal for the surf casting enthusiast. * This suppleness also makes Slinky a fantastic trace material, enhancing the action of your bait or lure without compromising any of its other qualities such as abrasion resistance or low memory. * Slinky also crimps superbly for super-neat traces. * 'Phenomenal' was the feedback we had from our field testing team during Slinky's development - try it for yourself and see... * 80 - 100m Spools * 400 - 100lb * Clear