Gardner Sure Flow 20lb (9.1kg) Clear

Gardner Sure Flow 20lb (9.1kg) Clear


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Product Details

  • Model: Gar-SFLO20C
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

A speciality, ultra-low memory snood and trace material, developed and manufactured to give a really smooth, supple feel. Sure Flow also displays phenomenal knotting characteristics (tidy and immensely strong) and stands up to the rigours of catching fish better than any other equivalent low-memory line available. * Snoods and traces work better when tied with Sure Flow as it resists tangling during casting and the bait is able to move more naturally. * Once it is straightened, it remains straight. This is really easy to do - simply run the length of line or trace through your gripped hand and any slight coil will be removed. * Even after a hard battle, Sure Flow will remain straight, giving you optimum presentation, strength and reliability time and time again. * 70m Spools * 15lb, 20lb & 30lb * Clear