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Gardner Tlb Compact Head Red

Gardner Tlb Compact Head Red


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  • Model: Gar-TLCOMR
  • Manufactured by: Gardner

In a world where most alarms look pretty similar but vary tremendously in performance, we decided to offer the TLB as a hand made (in England), all round buzzer with the emphasis on Quality, Reliability and Simplicity...with a touch of individuality! This compact little buzzer is as tough as old boots and we are constantly astonished by how rugged, durable and waterproof it is. You tend to get what you pay for in life and buzzers are no exception - we regularly hear from customers who have used TLB's for over 10 years and never had a single problem. * Fully compatible with the V1 and V2 ATTx wireless Remote Systems (2.5mm jack size). * Heavy gauge polished stainless steel face plate and roller cover. * Lightweight free running roller will operate with light bobbins. * All electronic components are sealed within a separate compartment to the battery and output socket. * Sensor wheel is housed within a Stainless cover to protect it and to compliment the overall design. Alternatively there is a Matt Black version available. * FULLY Waterproof (see the demo video on the Gardner website). The TLB is the only buzzer that we know of that has this degree of waterproofing. Sure to work fine in heavy rain, it should still work even if you drop it in the lake accidentally! * Individually Hand Made in England. Each buzzer is tested before despatch. * Full service back up; we can repair even the oldest TLB's at a minimal cost. * Sealed On/Off Switch to prolong battery life. * High powered speaker unit and 10 second LED latch time. Speaker output is 93dB at 10 cm. * Supplied in a padded Protective Pouch. * Uses 1 x 23A 12V Mini Battery (supplied). * All units are fully guaranteed for 2 years. After that time repairs will be charged for at a minimal cost (usually about 15 Pounds). Warranty is invalid if sealed compartments have been tampered with or damaged. (Be careful not to rupture the internal seals when changing the battery). * Height = 65mm, Width = 46mm, Depth = 36mm.