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Map Dual XD Feeder Rod 4.20m 13ft 8in 120g

Map Dual XD Feeder Rod 4.20m 13ft 8in 120g


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Key features

  • High modulus fast taper carbon blank
  • Unique handle design with part cork/EVA design
  • Oversized guides throughout
  • Screw reels seat
  • Supplied with Neoprene rod wraps
  • 3-section blank
  • Casting weight 120G
  • Supplied with 2.0oz, 3.0oz and 4.0oz carbon tips

Product Details

  • Model: A6550
  • Manufactured by: MAP

Ideal for targeting big fish on rivers or distance carp fishing on commercials. This rod is capable of handling casting weights up to 120g with ease. Featuring oversized guides, including larger guides on the carbon tips supplied with it. These larger guides aid casting with big diameter lines and shock leaders, which makes it a perfect barbel feeder rod on rivers, or method feeder rod on commercials.