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Unlike other side puller on the market, we have been able to create, what we consider the perfect shape for a side puller. The curved shape provides ultra-smooth and reliable operation when tensioning the elastic, and being curved in shape, it also ensures central positioning within the kit which prevents your elastic sticking to the side walls of your top kit. Without any wheels, bungs or the need to create a slot, it‘s also incredibly easy to fit.

  • Pure PTFE
  • Unique curved shape
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Keeps elastic central
  • No bung required
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to fit (requires a 7mm hole)
  • Enhances life of elastic
  • Elastic can be pulled from any angle
  • Easy to re-elasticate your kit

Colour: Blue & White

  • Model: R3050
  • Manufactured by: MAP