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Maver MV-R M2 Feeder Rod 9ft

Maver MV-R M2 Feeder Rod 9ft


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Key features

EVA twist grip
Top quality EVA/flattened cork handle
High quality SiC lined guides
High quality Fuji IPS reel seat
Folding hook keeper ring
Supplied in quality rod bag

Product Details

  • Model: A3050
  • Manufactured by: Maver

Manufactured from a unique high tonne carbon process means this superb rod doesn’t lock up, even under extreme pressure. The featherlight blanks make probably the ultimate rods for the modern day commercial fishery angler.

The new ‘MV-R M2 Feeder rods’ are a very special addition to a lovely range that covers all situations from close range work with light line to distance feeder fishing. These high modulus feeder rods have a progressive playing action that won’t lock under pressure, resulting in fewer hook pulls & more fish in the net. Featuring a bespoke flattened cork handle for added performance and comfort, a slim yet powerful blank, top quality fittings throughout and supplied with two carefully graded carbon quiver tips 1 & 1.5oz

Line rating 3-8lb.