Maver MVR RIG MONO 0.20mm 8.8lb (4.0kg) 150M

Maver MVR RIG MONO 0.20mm 8.8lb (4.0kg) 150M


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Key features

  • Excellent breaking strain
  • High abrasion resistant material
  • Extremely smooth coating
  • Virtually memory free
  • UV resistant
  • Very high knot strength
  • High performance
  • Supplied on 150m spools

Product Details

  • Model: F616
  • Manufactured by: Maver

MV-R rig monofilament is the ideal pole rig line boasting superior strength given its low diameter whilst offering superb knot strength.

An incredibly strong line for its diameter boasting very impressive knot strength. Its clear colour reduces its visibility and the controlled stretch acts as a shock absorber when large fish are hooked.

Totally waterproof and fully UV protected.

Available in eight popular breaking strains, the MVR rig mono is spooled onto 150m spools.