Maver Reality Ready Rig Margin Carp 0.4g

Maver Reality Ready Rig Margin Carp 0.4g


Estimated delivery: 27th Sep


Key features

The Reality R2 are ideal in depths up to 3ft with stronger line & tied direct to a size 14 hook these are perfect for bagging large weights of carp. The hollow bristle is buoyant enough to support baits such as pellet, corn & meat.


Available in 0.2g, 0.3 & 0.4g (all 1.5m)

Rig Details

8.3lb mainline | size 14 MV-R hook | Reality pole float

Product Details

  • Model: H2837
  • Manufactured by: Maver

The Incredibly robust Reality R2 Carp rigs are a ‘must have’ for anyone tackling commercial fisheries for carp. Designed specifically for UK commercial fisheries where strength & reliability is paramount. Utilising the finest top quality components including the superb MV-R hooks, Smart mono & Reality pole floats.