Maver Signature Pro 1 wagglers 5g

Maver Signature Pro 1 wagglers 5g

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Product Details

  • Model: H2431
  • Manufactured by: Maver

Designed for use on both rivers and commercials, the new Signature Pro 1 wagglers are well suited to a variety of float fishing situations.

Made from balsa and supplied with a fully adjustable weight system so the angler can choose how the float is secured in place, either via small locking shots or line stops. They cast like a dream and feature a hollow tip making these wagglers ideal for fishing full depth or shallow at distance. The hollow bristle allows the maximum amount of light to pass through it making it very easy to see any indications, no matter how slight.

The Signature Pro 1 wagglers are also supplied with a variety of interchangeable tips (4mm, 5mm & 6mm), again, providing a great deal of flexibility and adjustment on the bank allowing the angler to quickly change from a straight waggler to an insert waggler, or to make adjustments depending on the conditions.

Perfect for most baits such as corn, meat, pellets, maggots, etc.