Middy Pellet Popper Float 6gm

Middy Pellet Popper Float 6gm

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Product Details

  • Model: R8
  • Manufactured by: Middy

Superb new floats that make a pop on hitting the water and attract carp. Three sizes 6, 8 and 10g.

  • Unique disk that makes a pop sound on hittting the water - sounds like a big pellet
  • The disk also stop the float diving too low
  • Matt black finish
  • Size: 6gm

"Reported to cast true and straight, the flat base complete with swivel eye also prevents the float diving deep so it's fishing and registering bites for you quickly. The float is certainly robust!
Quote By: Angler's Mail

"The unique design of the Pellet Poppers is a winner on two fronts. 2009"
Quote By: Angler's Mail

"The disc at the base of the Pellet Popper greatly reduces the depth it plunges underwater on the cast, which makes it great for fishing shallow!"
Quote By: Match Fishing