MIDDY Side-Bush Gripper Bead Blue 18-22 3pc pkt

MIDDY Side-Bush Gripper Bead Blue 18-22 3pc pkt

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£1.99  £1.79
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Key features

Soft grips the elastic, so tension can easily be adjusted
Small and lightweight
Colour & size coordinated to Middy Hi-Viz Shockcore hollow elastic
TPE material
Tapered bore

Product Details

  • Model: 962
  • Manufactured by: Middy

Gripper beads are lightweight, discreet, small and pliable. They are made from soft TPE material with a tapered bore and the colours/sizes are matched to Hi-Viz Shockcore hollow elastic - just thread on easily with a pole-threader. Once in place they retain the elastic, but can then also be slid-up the elastic to make small adjustments to its tension. In conjunction with Middy's Pull-It Side PTFE Bush, they create a precise set-up. Recommended by elite match anglers such as Kieron Rich.