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Nisa Floating Method Coil - External Hi-viz

Nisa Floating Method Coil - External Hi-viz


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  • Model: NISA-L3
  • Manufactured by: Nisa Feeders

A whole different concept in Feeder Fishing!

Groundbait is squeezed into the coil, initially making the feeder sink to lake bed.

As the groundbait breaks down the buoyancy built into the feeder makes it slowly rise, dispersing an attractive cloud on the way up.

If a fish has not been taken by this stage the feeder will reach the surface and now becomes a float!.

Because the feeder still holds groundbait even at this stage, a cloud column will build up, attracting fish at all levels.

These are rigged Inline as normal METHOD COILS and are especially useful for cruising carp and other big fish.