Nisa Pole Feeder Bitemaster Indicator - Medium

Nisa Pole Feeder Bitemaster Indicator - Medium

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  • Model: NISA-FMK2
  • Manufactured by: Nisa Feeders

One problem that can occur when fishing the Pole Feeder is that bites can be missed, as fast biting fish feel the pole tip, because the rig is so direct.

The POLE FEEDER INDICATOR not only signals these bites, but cushions the effect of the pole so that fish do not feel the resistance. and give a much more positive, hittable bite.

The indicator is fixed "double rubber" on the line, just above the surface.  A Small portion of the line is pulled through one rubber to form a loop so when a biting fish stretches the elastic there is no direct resistance, and the bite is clearly seen.

There are three elastic options in each set, fine, medium and heavy to suit various conditions Includes optional Hi-viz collar for better visibility. Full instructions are enclosed.

How To Attach BiteMaster Indicators

Use the Silicon tubing provided to fix the “INDICATOR”, by sliding the tube on to the line first, then sliding over the crimps at either end of the "INDICATOR". Then pull a small loop of line through the top piece of rubber tubing, this allows the elastic to stretch 3”-4”  (8cm-11cm) before the loop straightens/tightens.

 This then allows a bite to be indicated before resistance is felt.  Choose between fine, medium and heavy elastic to suit flow conditions. In poor light, or at a distance, use the HI-VIZ yellow collar to aid visibility. This slides over the bottom coloured crimp before attaching to line. Position the coloured crimp of the “POLE INDICATOR” just above the surface of the water.