Quantum Radical

Quantum Radical

One giant leap in specialist fishing tackle! Those who dedicate themselves completely to one discipline of angling have no time for average, allround equipment. Quantum offers exactly the top quality tackle required.

Every experienced angler knows that sophisti cated techniques call for optimum equipment. Ability is a combination of experience and technique and re quires the highest perfection in tackle.

Quantum delivers the kind of equipment which leaves nothing to be desired – even for per fec tionists. Product development con sists of count less hours in research on the water, producing successful catch weights.

Quantum means rods, reels and accesso - ries of ultimate quality – designed for reliability, durability and top performance.

The range is divided into three key segments:

  • Radical Carp
  • Sea
  • Specialist

In each division specialists will find exactly the right equipment, tailored to their precise requirements. Tackle which always stands out above the rest thanks to the knowledge and experience of our engineers and test anglers.

Quantum Radical Basilisk Lead Core Quick Snap Rig

Quantum Radical Basilisk Lead Core Quick Snap Rig

This Quantum Radical Basilisk Lead Core Quick Snap Rig includes, release clip and quick-release swivel.

£5.75  £5.18
Save: £0.58 off

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