Sensas Carp X 30 Margin Pole

Sensas Carp X 30 Margin Pole

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£54.99  £49.49
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  • Model: 90840
  • Manufactured by: Sensas

Sensas Carp X 30 Margin Pole,

Billed as the perfect pole for a novice angler, the Sensas Carp X 30 Margin Pole allows you to enjoy carpodrome angling (the French term for fishing on a lake which has been especially designed to house large numbers of carp) without having to break the bank. A strong pole, it is the perfect tool to target carp from close to mid range. A three piece construction, it can be fitted with any grade of elastic to suit your needs. Available between 5m and 8m, you can choose the length that best suits your angling style, and priced between £30 and £70 they represent outstanding value for money.

Sensas has been associated with top level match fishing for over 60 years. Originally a cooking oil manufacturer, the brand’s first foray into angling came when a cooking oil by-products was packaged and sold as fish bait. From that day onwards the angling business took off and the cooking oil was left for dust. Currently the most successful bait company in the world, thanks to it’s recognition that anglers know what they require from their tackle it’s likely to stay that way.

This is why the top dogs behind the Sensas machine are all dedicated anglers themselves. All the tackle Sensas produces is quality guaranteed – from its range of fishing poles right through to its collection of floats. This ensures that the Sensas slogan ‘success guaranteed’ is lived up to each day you spend by the water with Sensas tackle. 

If you’d like any guidance in which Sensas Carp X 30 Margin Pole would best suit your style of fishing then please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team. Simply follow the pathway on the customer services page to be placed in contact with the member of our team who is best able to help with your enquiry.

Available as 7m pole, weighing 700g