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    Technical Info: Presentation Taper - High Buoyancy Float Body with 5ÔÇÖ Just Under Tip

    I am the cunning fly line that can make the critical difference. I am both Up and. Under. My short 5 foot sinking tip section can deliver your Nymphs and Buzzers just below the surface and deceive many a cautious trout. And my long, high-floating belly embodies great lifting potential and presentation; also giving me absolute control and speedy connection with your takes.

    (Oh! I am great on rivers too. Especially for fishing classic wet flies down and across and streamer fishing. Just thought you needed to know that)

    I am the perfect divide between the floater and the just under fly line offering more control to fish the upper layers with nymphs and buzzers.

  • Model: J7122
  • Manufactured by: Wychwood